The Birth of an Ambitious Woman (Hardcover)

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It’s an Ambitious Woman Celebration!

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“The Birth of an Ambitious Woman; A Guide to Spiritual Awakening, Mental Abundance, and Physical Healing” written by Kim Bullock Hennix. Treat yourself with a literary RSVP to an explosive read with extremely insightful self-care remedies, spiritual alignment, royalty protocol, and real Boss Lady tactics to liberate your lifestyle.

What this book will help you achieve

  • The manifestations of God’s promises
  • Flowing abundantly in feminine beauty & radiance
  • Reveal the hidden keys to accelerating abundance
  • Healing and loving your body to optimum health
  • Answer your call to queen and reign supreme in ALL you do
  • Explore the sacred truths of spiritual laws and the royal heavenly language
  • Develop rich authentic relationships with like-minded powerful Ambitious Women
  • Stop believing that power is outside of you and possess your birthright to ignite the power within you.

Cooking and planning can be exhausting, and self-care is important. So, why not take a quick break to invest in future; one that will include nurturing your femininity and personal development. It’s YOUR season, Ambitious Woman, to birth your greatness!

KBH Limited-Edition Hardcover. Special Packaging Includes Diamond 3D Embossed Gold Raised Lettering, and Gold Tassel.

Book Coming March 2020, but reserve your copies now to take advantage of the special price, and to get ahead of planning those book parties, book club meetings, or just some good ole fashion “me time” curled up with a book that is going to inspire and incite you to be the Ambitious Woman that you are!

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