Crowned for Abundant Success

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This life-changing 3-Day online workshop August 17-19, 2021 at 5:30 pm PT, will facilitate deep transformation for the Ambitious Woman who is ready for the next level professionally and personally. It's your season to shift supernaturally into a whole new ROYAL, SACRED, and RICH lifestyle.

Each morning you will receive a meditation and affirmation audio sent to your email to jumpstart your day. Then we will meet for your training session and Q&A in the evenings at 5:30 pm PT.

Queens, this is your rare opportunity, to immerse yourself in an environment of big-thinking, powerhouse feminine leaders this world needs. Invite a friend to join you and make it a Queens night. Bring Your Crown, pen, notepad, and an open mind.

Day 1 Redeem the Dream - I know I was meant for more You are called to make an ABUNDANT difference. Learn how to redeem or enhance the dream business that has you living your divine purpose.

Day 2 Show up to Go up- Showered in God's overflow Take back your power and show up unapologetically to receive the FULLNESS of God's gifts created within you.

Day 3 Reigning Supreme in Your Queendom Shine bright in your femininity as a total Queen by leading in your industry and executing as a Royal descendant POWERFULLY!!!!

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