Ambitious Man Black Power Elite Prayer Bracelet

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The Black Power Prayer Bracelet is for Ambitious Man who is distinguished, bold, revolutionary, and POWERFUL!!!

This stunning 8-inch royal regalia is fit for a King. It is stretchable for comfort with 8 mm beads. I selected the very best in unique, custom, handmade bracelets for you as they symbolize the power and continuity of the Heavenly, Powerful, and Royal Monarchy you descend from. It was fabulously designed for my incredible Ambitious Men tribe as a daily reminder that your prayers have abundant power and to step into your royal authority as a son of the King. You were BIRTHED INTO GREATNESS!!!
You have the power to manifest permanent and positive changes in your life. Wear this prayer bracelet to celebrate yourself and the milestones you have overcome. Ambitious men, we are the architect of our actions and you achieve your heart’s desire through the power of prayer and co-creating with God.

I am celebrating all Ambitious Women to cherish this beautiful gift of life that God has blessed us with. As you wear this incredible masterpiece it also signifies your royalty, masculinity, strength, character, class, and grace. The color black represents your heavenly power the gold represents the abundance of favor that God has anointed you to overflow in. Make the choice today to take responsibility by answering the call to be King and empower your life with this amazing Ambitious Men Black Power Prayer bracelet. You DESERVE THE BEST!! Crown On 👑

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